Good Scary Movies of 2014!

The Best Horror Films are Coming to Get You This 2014!

Are you ready for heart-stopping and bone-chilling scary movies this 2014? The year may have already begun but it is not a reason to escape horror movies 2014 that will make you scream for more!

The Quiet Ones is a treat for all paranormal believers with a story about a professor believing that paranormal events are created by the negative energy of the living. This flick is all about possession and the typical feeling of suspense that comes with the theme. The force will be unleashed on April 25.

And what is a horror year without our good friend Count Dracula? Dracula Untold, which will be released on October 17, is all about the man not the ghoul. It is about the life of the Prince Vlad of Tepes as he attempts to save his family from death and as a result becomes the first ever vampire.

These are just two of the most horrific and terrifying movie titles to watch out for this 2014. There will surely be more scary movies 2014 titles to come at the middle of the year. Be sure to check out our upcoming horror movies page for more releases.

Open Grave – Release Date: January 3rd 2014


Open Grave

A man wakes up in a pit surrounded by dead bodies. He has no memory of how he got there; he has no memory at all. People save him from the pit, claiming that they too woke up just before he did, unaware of where they were or what was going on. He struggles to find out whether he killed those people or if one of people in the group did before it’s too late.
An edge of your seat horror thriller, this movie is positioned to be a blockbuster. Starting off the year with what will likely be a thrill a minute, Open Grave is definitely one to watch.

Devil’s Due – Release Date: January 17th 2014


Devils Due

A newlywed couple enjoying their honeymoon comes back home missing a night. They just can’t put their finger on what they did. Soon that concern is overtaken by the news that they are pregnant.  While this is earlier than they had planned, it is something to be happy about… until it’s not. The husband starts to notice oddities about his wife’s behavior. At first they thought it was just nerves, but they soon begin to wonder if it’s something more…
Even though this is reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby, this new release shows us that we haven’t seen everything just yet.

The Quiet Ones – Release Date: Release Date: April 25th 2014


The Quiet Ones

This horror film centers on a professor’s belief that all activity from beyond is created by the living’s negative energy. He puts together a team of his best students to test his theory, in essence attempting to create paranormal activity. They use a test subject and after subjecting her to multiple stimuli, unleash a force they can’t control.
As far as possession movies go this one sounds like a spin on a familiar theme. That it is based on true events makes it that much creepier.

Resident Evil – Release Date: September 12th 2014


Resident Evil 6

A continuation of the franchise and originating from the groundbreaking video game, Resident Evil 6 continues the pattern that moviegoers have come to know.  With zombies galore and much running and shooting, this movie is sure to provide more than a jump or two.  Alice, Jill, Claire, Chris, Leon, Ada, and Wesker attempt to overtake The Red Queen. She has world domination on her mind and they must do something to stop her.

Dracula Untold – Release Date:  October 17th 2014


Horror Movies 2014

This movie provides a different perspective on Dracula.  Focusing on the man himself, Prince Vlad of Tepes, Dracula Untold tells of Vlad’s attempt to save his wife and child and his fate as the first world’s first vampire.  Offering an interesting mixture of history and drama, Dracula Untold promises to be a unique horror film.
With so many new horror movies in 2014, you need to start saving your coins for movie tickets and strap in for the ride.